The difference between trusses and rafters

Do you know the difference between roof trusses and rafters?  Rafters, or conventionally framed roofs, are historically how roofs were built.  It’s usually 2″x6″ or 2″x8″ lumber put together on the job site by a general contractor to form the roof.  In Florida they cannot consist of any structural member smaller than 2″x6″.

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Nowadays, we have really moved away from conventionally framed roofs and moved towards trusses. Trusses are engineered systems manufactured in a factory and then shipped out to the job site and then assembled on site. Trusses usually consist of 2″x4″ lumber. Because they are designed by an engineer, and manufactured under the supervision of an engineer, we can actually get more strength over conventionally framed roofs while using less lumber, which actually lowers the cost of construction.

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