Realtor Safety Program

The Broward Sheriff’s Office (B.S.O.) crime prevention unit has issued a warning for realtors “Protection Begins With Awareness – Think Safe, Stay Safe”.  Here are a few tips from B.S.O.

1. Never meet a strange or unqualified prospective buyer alone at any property. Always ask a prospective buyer to come to your office first – and consider it a danger signal if he or she refuses.

2. Most assaults are robbery-motivated. You can help avoid them by not wearing expensive jewelry or carrying large cash amounts during house showings.

3. While driving to and from appointments take the safest and best lighted route – night or day – and keep your car windows and doors locked.

4. If you have any suspicions or uneasiness about a buyer, do not go to the showing alone, no matter what time of day. Instead, ask another salesperson to accompany you.

5. Before leaving for a showing inform your office where you’ll be, whom you’ll be with, and when you’ll next be in touch. And make sure the person you’re meeting knows you’ve given your office this information.

6. Your office should also keep a file on each agent’s automobile – make, year, model, color and license plate number.

7. Be aware of the neighborhood in which you’re showing a listing. If that neighborhood poses any possible threat to your personal safety, have another salesperson go with you to the showing.

8. When showing a property let the client proceed ahead of you. This will cut down the possibility that you can be pushed into a room and the door closed behind you.

9. Make sure your cellular phone is fully charged each day. Keep it readily available.

10. At an open house keep all doors unlocked for easy escape.

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