Recession Creates Opportunities

The National Bureau of Economic Research has officially declared what most of knew a year ago — we’re in a recession. But what hasn’t been said and what many money-savvy individuals are finding is that there are a huge number of opportunities for individuals and investors alike.

With the large number of houses currently available on the market and more being listed every week, it has become a true buyer’s market. Many sellers and banks are highly motivated to off-load properties. They’ve been offering huge incentives and price reductions that have never been seen before! With the vast number of foreclosures on the market, it has become more important than ever to retain a qualified Miami home inspector. Many of these homes are rough diamonds, but can just as easily turn into nothing more than a lump of coal. Frequently, there is no contact with the previous homeowner in a foreclosure. You’re just dealing with the bank and are not even given the ability to review a seller’s disclosure statement. Many of these homes have been neglected for some time and Building Inspection Services can identify many of the key problems and offer cost solutions to help make your dream home a reality.

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