Medieval Style Castle Goes Up in Flames

A few other Miami home inspectors from Building Inspection Services and I inspected this building last year. It really looked like a castle, inside and out. Some of the cool features of this house I remember were the stucco on the house was done by an artist drew pictures in the exterior walls in some areas and made it look like the stones of a castle wall in other areas.
It had towers, four bedrooms and even had a salt water moat stocked with fish and a drawbridge.The fireplace was a huge hand carved masterpiece. The interior walls were decorated like a castle with full suits of armor, tapestries and such.
There was a giant pool which was pretty much the equivalent of three normal pools. The pool had a Pirates of the Caribbean theme complete with barrels of gunpowder and cannons. The best part of the pool was that you could swim under the exterior wall and come up out of the water in the middle of the living room.
This was one of the most unique buildings in South Florida and it’s a real shame that it was destroyed. See the full story about the fire from NBC:

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