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Popular Drug Store Demolishes Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Improvements

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Building Inspection Services was recently hired to perform a rather interesting commercial building inspection. Before I tell you what we’ve been hired for, let me give some background information.
The owners of this 15,000 square foot commercial building leased the property for a number of years to a fitness center. It was an upper scale fitness center which included a swimming pool, running track, wet and dry saunas, masseurs, etc. Recently, this fitness center decided to move out so the owners got a new tenant, a widely known drug store chain.
In preparation to move in, this drug store performed major demolitions to the structure including removing all the interior partition walls, the electrical system including panels, plumbing, flooring, running track, showers, restrooms, drywall etc. In addition to that, they dumped all of the construction debris into the indoor swimming pool which destroyed the pool. If you walk into this building, all you see, for the most part, is just bare concrete floors and walls.
For some unknown reason, this drug store decided they changed their minds and did not want to lease the property. So after destroying all of the interior improvements to the building, they just walked away. This is where we came in for a litigation inspection.
We were hired by the owner of the building as a construction expert witness to determine the cost of the improvements that the drug store demolished because there is a pending lawsuit on the matter. We are still working on this case, however first estimates are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.